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To have and to hold… and online

By admin on November 10th, 2006 1 comment

WebsiteI stumbled across this story on BBC News discussing the rise in wedding websites. It seems to be only just catching on here in the UK but over in America, well, you guys clearly excel yourselves. Yes, the wedding website is becoming the very first step of getting all your planning online. Yet, it seems even if us Brits are catching on, we still aren’t doing it properly. Oh, the shame!

Wedding website designer Jennifer Oxland of says, ‘The English are the easist clients. They’re not too fussy – will go into the lounge to take a few snaps of each other to mark their engagement, send in a few scratchy scanned-in pictures of their courtship. They don’t really like being as… well, fluffy. They don’t show off like the Americans do. They will spend a week getting their pictures together, go to a studio to get them done, or the beach.’

What do you think? Is she right?

  • I don’t have any brit clients, but the irish clients were very carefree. I think you’ll find though that the US is too big to categorize. New Yorkers, easterners and midwesterners would not be interested so much in personal apearance or not so ‘fluffy’. However Californian’s are surely notoriously vain, and southerners as well would be more deliberate and conscious about personal appearances. Its funny I think cause both Californians and New Yorkers are equally interested in ‘social standing’ and that’s where they’d used a website i think – but the californians would probably feature themselves more prominantly and NY’ers would highlight more ‘features’ and the prestige of their location and vendors.

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