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Veromia – Scarlet and White Dresses

By admin on November 7th, 2006 1 comment

Veromia_7novI’ve got two frocks instead of a single one for you today. What grabbed me first was that I thought this was an identical dress in two colours, but no, it’s a case of sisters rather than identical twins. The styling is similar using scarlet and white but the dress on the left is full on scarlet with a shoulder strapped bodice falling into a point and embroidered with white swirls and a very small amount of embroidery to the hem. The dress on the right is white with a strapless bodice of a similar shape but only featuring red embroidery to the neckline which is reflected with the same embroidery around the hem.

Veromia styles ‘VR2083’ (left) and ‘VR2916’ (right)

  • Mirym K

    I LOVE the scarlet one! It’s got such a pretty shape to it! Granted, that model has an amazing figure to help it along.

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