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Wedding Day Makeup Tips

By admin on November 9th, 2006 0 comments yet. Be the First

Blissful_bride_kit I’m ashamed to admit it (ok, I’m not really), but my wish list at Benefit is currently worth more than some brides pay for their wedding dress. Not that I’ll be buying it all, of course, but hey, it’s nice to dream, and I have promised myself a treat or two (well, maybe three or four) to wear on my wedding day.

For me, there was never any question of hiring a makeup artists. I’d much rather spend the money on some good-quality makeup that I’ll be able to use again, and, given that I’ve been applying my own makeup since I was about 15, I’ve gotten pretty good at it. Well, I like to think so, anyway…

Me being me, I just don’t think I could trust someone else to do my makeup: I’d worry too much about ending up looking like a counter girl (no offence to anyone who works on a makeup counter by the way: it’s just that a lot of the women I’ve seen who do are just a little bit too caked in the stuff for my liking), and I also quite enjoy the process of putting on my "face". No, really.

For those of you who’re doing likewise, here are some tips I’ve gleaned on wedding-day makeup:

1. Less is more
Your wedding day is not the time to branch out and try a whole new look. Go for a slightly more polished version of your usual look rather than something wildly experimental or terribly trendy that will date your wedding photos and make you look back and cringe.

2. Practice
Well, it makes perfect, doesn’t it?

3. Practice with pictures
Makeup that looks great in "real life" can look completely different in photographs. YSL’s Touche Eclat highlighter, for example, is famous for turning luminous white under a flash (leaving you looking like a reverse negative, with huge white patches under your eyes), while that "dewy" concealer might just look "shiny" in your pictures. The best way to make sure you’ll know exactly what you’ll be getting is to take some pictures of yourself in your bridal makeup, or get a friend to do it. That way you’ll be able to see how your look works both on and off camera. Plus, it’s another excuse to try out your wedding makeup!

4. Keep shine to a minimum
While we’re on the subject of shiny makeup, anything featuring a lot of glitter is probably best kept for the hen night – too much glitter on your wedding day isn’t a good look, and you’ll be "glowing" enough as it is!

5. Try out new products in advance
If you’re thinking of splashing out on something new and expensive, buy and try a month or so in advance of the wedding, just in case you develop an allergic reaction to it. Puffy eyes and swollen lips do not a beautiful bride make.

6. Think about the colour of your dress
When you’re choosing your makeup, be mindful of your dress colour, as it will have an effect on the colour palette you use. White, for example, can be draining, so you may need to adjust your colours accordingly, while ivory and gold are softer colours, which will allow you to use more colour.

Anyone got any more tips for brides to be? Or are you going to be sticking with the makeup artist?

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