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Weekly Weddings Round-up

By admin on November 2nd, 2006 1 comment

Liz_hurley1 British couple eschew traditional wedding gifts and ask guests to help them adopt 27 zoo animals for a year.
Liz Hurley has picked 3rd March for her wedding day. We’re so glad we know
Myanmar’s leaders cause outrage by throwing lavish wedding for daughter. Gifts were estimated at US$50million. Most of the country can barely afford to buy rice to eat.
Top marks for a Hallowe’en wedding go to Sandy Beyer and Keith Vogt. The bride wore black, the groom wore a skeleton costume and Count Dracula was amongst guests.
A jilted Romanian bridegroom played out a bizarre Cinderella story by marrying the woman who fitted into the left over dress.
A Spanish based couple ask guests to make donations to help South African AIDS orphans and vulnerable children instead of giving them gifts. Donations topped $9000
Hell, Michigan was perfect setting for another Hallowe’en wedding for this fun couple.
Biojewllery is the new hip thing in wedding trends says The Guardian. The process requires bone cells to create a bone tissue ring.

  • Mirym K

    Oh, I heard about the bone rings quite a while ago and thought it was a great idea!

    We’re happy with our slightly more traditional rings, though, which is just as well since it doesn’t sound like biojewelry will be too readily available for quite a long time.

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