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When to Go on Honeymoon?

By admin on November 13th, 2006 4 comments

Kewarrasun This weekend for us mostly consisted of drooling over images like this one in the multitude of honeymoon brochures we picked up on Friday. I know, I know: it’s a tough job, but hey, someone’s got to do it… As we flicked through the pages, though, one thing became abundantly clear: before we even start to think about where to go on honeymoon, we’re going to have to think very seriously about when to go. And therein lies the problem.

Up until this weekend, we hadn’t even realised that there was a problem. I had my heart set on leaving for our honeymoon as soon after the wedding as possible – possibly not the next day, because we’ll probably be hungover need time to pack, but at least the day after that.

The fly in the ointment? Well, we’re getting married on March 31st, 2007 – the very start of the Easter holidays. That week, it turns out, is the most expensive time of the year to go on holiday: more expensive, even, than mid-summer. In fact, a lot of the hotels we were looking at were almost double the usual price, just for that week. Aaaargh!

Clearly it would be idiotic to pay twice as much as we need to for the holiday, so it looks like we’ll have to either pick a much less expensive destination than the ones we’d been looking at, or wait a week after the wedding before we leave. This idea, needless to say, doesn’t exactly thrill me. Because we’re both self-employed, we can’t afford to take any more time off work than is absolutely necessary, so if we do have a week between wedding and honeymoon, we’ll have to work during it – not only does the thought of getting married and then going straight back to work really not appeal, I also know it’ll be impossible to concentrate with all of the excitement.

We have plenty of time to work this out, of course, but I’m wondering: are you going on honeymoon right after your wedding, or are you waiting for a while afterwards?

  • Could you risk booking a last minute holiday for a better deal so long as you don’t have your heart set on going to a definate place?
    I think it would be such a crushing let down to go back to work and wait for the honeymoon.

  • bridey

    we’re also getting married in march — but its early march so we’re thinking of south africa as is just before high season. we did think about postponing but we’re so looking forward to that long stretch of holiday immediately after the wedding as a wind down and while we’re still on a high after the day!

  • That could be a good solution, actually, Camilla – we don’t have our hearts set on any particular destination or hotel, so we could theoretically just wait it out and hope that the prices are lower… I do think it would be such a let down to have to think about work so soon after all the excitement!

    Bridey, funnily enough, South Africa is one of the places that was suggested to us too! It’s not somewhere I’ve ever really considered for a holiday, but Terry’s brother goes often and loves it. And I know what you mean about that need to wind down afterwards!

  • Caroline

    I would definitely keep your eyes peeled for great deals and I am sure if you go for luxury rather than long haul you should be able to get something stunning that isn’t too bank breaking. We have already booked a big holiday to Grenada in April (we are getting married in June) it was booked and paid for well in advance of getting engaged, what that means is that we are stuffed in terms of holiday allowance for a long honeymoon. So we are off for a week of luxury in Europe instead on the day after the wedding. I am slightly miffed though as FOG’s 60th B’day is the week before the wedding and they are having a lunch party the day after the wedding that my H2B somehow announced we would be attending without checking with me, Bridezillaaaaaa

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