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Frock Horror #40

By admin on December 1st, 2006 5 comments

Frock_horror_40Ok this is a comedy one, I get that. After all, no one would wear such a monstrosity. Still, as bridal garb, even mockingly, there’s only one appropriate place for it and that is as a frock horror.

Still, maybe there is someone out there who fancies being dressed as a poodle in a big white knitted sausage shaped gown. And there’s some plus points, you won’t have to buy a veil, do your hair, worry about not having the right supportive underwear.

See, there is a silver lining – it’s a whole outfit in one!

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  • Caroline

    IS it me or is Chelsea Clinton the person modelling this??

  • Jean

    Looks like a giant wacky condom.

  • Julie

    Looks like condom meets winter jumper. Yeuch!

  • -halah-

    it does look like chelsea! and its no condom, that there ladies is a tampon for those extra heavy days.

  • It is indeed Chelsea but I’m a little unsure as to whether her face has been cut and pasted on to the monstrosity!

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