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Sponsored post: Capture that Christmas magic with the Sony Cyber-shot T10

By ShinyMedia on December 14th, 2006 0 comments yet. Be the First

Christmas is a magical time for all the family. Uncle Frank falling asleep face-down in his sprouts. A rogue finger finding its way into the roast after a turkey-carving mishap. And endless questions on when you’re going to finally get married to / have babies with / divorce that nice young man / horrible bastard of yours (delete as appropriate).

Okay, so the annual family get-together isn’t always a barrel of laughs. But think of the good bits too. The delighted look on your little nephew’s face as he unwraps his shiny new PSP (followed by the aghast expression on Grandma’s face when he explains Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories to her). The sheer unfettered joy provoked by cracker jokes. Your dog knocking over the Christmas tree. Then weeing on it.

Look, we’re not selling it well. You’d be forgiven for decamping to a beach somewhere sultry (i.e. not Great Yarmouth) to escape the whole shebang. But either way, Christmas is bound to throw up a host of sparkling photo opportunities. So, in a dream world, what digital camera would be sitting under the tree with your name on it?

May we suggest Sony’s Cyber-shot T10? Available in hot pink or stylish silver, its 7.2 megapixels and triple zoom are great for capturing all the festive frolics. Its slideshow feature lets you connect it to your TV for a (much more) interesting alternative to the Queen’s speech, while the fact that you can squeeze 250 photos out of a single battery charge means you won’t be competing for power socket space with everyone else’s new gadgets come Boxing Day.

Plus it has nine pre-set Scene Selection modes, including Snow (you won’t be needing this at Christmas, obviously), Fireworks (what happens when your dad gets back from the pub too late for the start of Christmas dinner), and Beach (see our advice above).

All in all, it’s the perfect Christmas gift. Yes, even better than that Il Divo or Cliff Richard album. But you knew that already. Didn’t you?

Sony Cyber-shot T10


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