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Golden Globes – Cameron Diaz’s white dress and more

By admin on January 18th, 2007 4 comments


Who says white dresses should only be for weddings? Take a look at these Golden Globe attendees wearing a variety of white dresses. I can’t wait for them to filter down into bridalwear designs as they surely will.

On the left is Cameron Diaz wearing a tiered dress (try Lazaro for a similar style). I personally think it would look better without the shoulder ruffle. Heidi Klum, on the right, wears a strapless draping dress (try Emanuel Ungaro). The gloves don’t work for me but I love the up-do. Read on for Sienna Miller and Salma Hayek.


I have no idea who is on the left (let me know, if you do know who it is) It’s Salma Hayek (how did I not get that? I am wubbish!) and the dress is lovely and the pearl cuff a great accessory. On the right, Sienna Miller wears a long white gown with gold print over the bodice.

  • Joanna

    It’s Salma Hayek isn’t it?!

  • Joanna – I think you could be right!

  • Yup. Salma Hayek!

    (Fantastic blog, by the way!)

  • Juji

    I like the idea of white on the red-carpet, much nicer than the yellow trend but why choose dresses that look sooo nasty? Salma is the only one who looks superb in a classic evening dress that could quite easily be transferred to an evening wedding. However Cameron Diaz looks like a toilet roll holder and Heidi Klum appears to be “channeling” Princess Leia. Sienna’s dress appears to be made of two different ones stuck together at the waist. I’m sure the top half as a mini or cocktail dress would look fabulous and a simple top with a white sweeping bottom would look beautiful as a wedding or evening dress but oh dear not together.

    Juji x

    How on earth did you not get Salma!

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