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Single guests – with partners or without?

By admin on January 9th, 2007 2 comments

671745_wedding_reception_1 Today I’m wondering about the etiquette of inviting single guests to your wedding: do you allow them to bring a partner, knowing that you may end up paying for a complete stranger to attend your big day, or do you invite them on their own, and risk them feeling uncomfortable because they don’t know anyone?

We’re going to be doing a mixture of both. My fiance has a group of single friends who’ve all known each other for years, and see each other regularly. We’ll be inviting them as "singles" because we know they’ll all know each other, and won’t feel awkward. A few of my friends, on the other hand, won’t know anyone at the wedding except me, so we’re going to allow them to bring a partner so they’re not hanging around on their own at the times when we’re off doing other things.

What does everyone else think? What will you be doing?

  • Fi

    I am simply going to ask my single friends before sending out the invitations whether they would like to take a partner or not – there is no one coming that we don’t know well enough to ask that, and no one that would be offended by it (at least I don’t think so). I think it’s best just to be upfront about it – everyone these days appreciates the expense and the constraints on numbers etc. but I know that there will be some of my friends who might like to take a partner along, whereas others would be perfectly happy to come on their own – in fact will probably look forward to the chance of mingling with other single guests! 😉

  • We’re allowing for +1’s with any frtiends we’re not 100% sure on thier status.

    It balances out my OH’s massive family. I don’t mind having poeople I don’t ‘know’ at my wedding aince I know thier important to my person I do know. With a everyone all spread out it’s tricky to keep track. In the same way it seems mean to make people travel long distances without company!

    I #also know I’ve been in the position of the +1 so I’d feel thier pain!

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