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When did you get enagaged?

By admin on January 23rd, 2007 4 comments

EngagementI was wondering yesterday when most of our readers got enagaged? The Christmas season and New Year is always popular for proposals and of course we’re coming up to Valentine’s Day – a feast of all things lovey dovey. Is there a particular time that is asupicious to get engaged on or is it just nice to be asked?

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  • Juji

    My partner asked me to marry him when he picked me up from the airport after I’d been away on business last august. Some think it is odd but I think it was brilliant as it sounded like he missed me!

  • We got engaged on the anniversary of the day we started seeing each other. We have a tradition of going abroad at that time of year anyway (December) so he proposed while we were on holiday, on the banks of the Grand Canyon 🙂

  • bridey

    last february 13th my fiance brought me on a surprise trip to venice then proposed on valentines morning. you’d think i would have guessed but no i was completely taken by surprise!!

  • Emmao414

    Well, he never really asked, we went looking at rings while out shoe shopping, and bought the ring and I put it on while in a cafe eating stew. He’s really not romantic, and gets embarrassed, so I never really expected him to ask me. We just ‘got’ engaged. No particular date, cant remember really!! August sometime. Things would of been different if i had not already had my son, we were going to get engaged before that but didnt want people to think it was just cos i was pregnant. he’d asked me before, whilst drunk and with no ring, so that doesnt count!!

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