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Yay or Nay Wednesday

By admin on January 3rd, 2007 7 comments

Yaynay3janLast week I asked you about a tulle and lace fan skirted dress and you gave it all yays except for the one nay. Lulu said it was risky but exciting while Fi summed the style up as contemporary fairytale princess. Couldn’t have said it better myself. Find ‘Annabelle’ at Maggie Sottero.

This week’s dress is a demure little number isn’t it? There’ll be no slits to the waist, toned thigh flashing, boob popping shenanigans on this one. Instead you’ll get detachable shoulder straps, a bead and sequin band to the front and back with a neat little cap sleeved jacket. Too boring or a pleasant change from gowns that only look right on models? Yay or Nay and why please ladies!

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  • Neasa

    Nay, probably a bit simple and the shape does not look ultra flattering. I am not that keen on most boleros or shrugs on wedding dresses. Would be quite timeless in photos though which is a plus

  • Fi

    I think it looks quite sweet, and is certainly inoffensive…but really it’s a bit dull, and if you can’t make a splash on your wedding day, when can you?!!

  • Lulu J.

    Hmm, the shrug isn’t doing it for me. It’s small, but still seems a little flappy and frumpy. Take it off, however, and you have a clean, simple dress that might just fit right in with a light, breezy destination wedding. So in the end… a begrudging yay.

  • Nay. It’sinoffensive, but looks more suited to a young girl than a bride, I think…

  • Juji

    I’m going against the group here but I kind of like it. I have spent ages at wedding fairs and in bridal stores trying to find something that doesn’t look over-the-top, isnt too long (I am 5’1 and thus anything to the floor makes me look like a dwarf) and a bit informal for my garden party wedding this July. So OK there is stuff wrong with it, like the hideously structured bolero, but this sort of style of dress suits a petite frame and would look quite good if you jazzed it up a bit. I agree on the classical front but still a little boring at the moment. Indeed, dare I say that after all my searching I eventually got my dress made in a similar style. It is a bolero but it is more empire line than above and more sparkles too! Maybe only time will tell but with my funky silver shoes you can’t go wrong!

    Julie x

  • I’m with Julie here. This looks like a lot of the dresses you see from the late 1930s. I like the cap sleeves, and they don’t strike me as a typical bolero look–which I hate, generally. Yay.

  • Rhaeniel

    The back of that dress is far better – there’s a little fold of fabric just below the small of the back, which falls elegantly down to the floor in a little fold… you’d have to see it to understand what I mean. It is very plain, but that bit at the back is so pretty… although perhaps the overall look is more suitable for bridesmaids? (they do that dress in other colours).
    I think that’s a yay, although personally I’d go for something with a little more detail.

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