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Yay or Nay Wednesday

By admin on January 24th, 2007 7 comments

Yaynay24janLast week I asked you about an unsual tapered and tiered gown. It was a nay and Blythe got extra special virtual points for correctly identifying it as a Marchesa design.

Whilst sash waists are still firmly in, this gown is a little bit different with a flash of colour at the waist in a twisted band but no lengthy ends. The rest of the gown is quite simple – empire waist, modest V-neckline and slightly raised front hem skirt with a puddle train. Do you like the flash of modern in with the simple styling? Yay or Nay and why?

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  • Yea. Personally I’ll welcome any break in the white.

  • Yay. I like the feminine pink, and I think it provides a nice definition to a woman’s figure. And I like me those simple gowns, so yay.

  • Lulu J.

    Ooh, lovely! This sash gives a much more cinch-waisted, pulled-together, and (I think) mature look than the usual pretty ribbon with trailing ends. I enjoy the wide neckline, too; softens the look while still keeping it refined. Would have been curious to see the skirt with a tiny bit more flowiness to it, but still overall a definite yay!

  • bridey

    Yay! Simple, but shic and glamorous (although I’m not convinced about the raised hem at the front). Lovely waist definition from the ribbon. I could be biased though,as my dress is also V necked with waist definition and puddle train!

  • Yay! Anything that helps define the waist is fine by me!

  • Fi

    Yay – the sash is lovely, and it is so nice to see something that isn’t a strapless bodice, but yet isn’t fussy. The overall shape is very simple but still striking and unusual.

  • bridey

    Did I really spell chic with an ‘s’??! note to self have coffee before posting!

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