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Brides and Prejudice – the cost of your gown

By admin on February 7th, 2007 2 comments


I’ve just been reading this article in CiF at the Guardian remarking on the upsurge in high street wedding gowns. Here at Bridalwave, I’ve applauded the ranges of not-so-expensive gowns. Of course many women have their heart set on a gown with a few zeros on the price tag (I don’t mean after the decimal point!) and I’m not against that either. Getting married is a special day, who wouldn’t want to wear something great? But how important is it to you that you wear a once in a lifetime couture creation or keep the costs down on a dress you’re highly unlikely to ever wear again? Is it more important to spend that money on an amazing honeymoon, your education, a down payment on a house or car perhaps? What do you think?

Can you tell these dresses apart? One is £100 whilst the others are here and here.

  • arelya

    I think that dress costs should be kept down. Spend money on an amazing honeymoon, house deposit, starting your own business, whatever. After I made some investigations it is possible to have a dress that you want at a reasonable price. For example if you buy a bodice or a corset and have the skirt made. If you want a big skirt petticoats are not expensive at all. All these sashes that are fashionable at the moment, it is so easy to have one done. Same goes for the veil, accessories and shoes can be found at very reasonable prices and very nice looking too.

  • esther

    I guessed which one was the cheap one. It looks bad! And not just because it’s translucent enough to see the model’s bellybutton.

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