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Frock Horror #50

By admin on February 9th, 2007 3 comments


Another eagle eyed reader spotted this wedding dress and urged me to foist it upon your poor unsuspecting eyes. I think the biggest problem is the rather unsightly bulge at the forefront of the dress. What is under there? Is it a sofa, is it a cushion in case she trips or is it a herd of cuddly Ewoks? We may never know. Asides from that, the chintz era is over. In the hallowed words of Ikea – ‘chuck out that chintz!’ (Thanks Susan!)

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  • bridey

    ha! that’s hilarious. looks like the groom is hiding under there…. :0

  • Carroott

    Its the way she is sitting. Ive seen this gown in person and it falls like a normal dress does. Its a bit extravagant and approaches looking like a period style wedding gown a queen might wear, but it doesnt look as bad as the advertisement makes it out to be.

    Lol, I tried it on in person (decided it was too much dress for me) and Ive seen other brides wearing it and its really okay if you want to go all out regal.

  • Yeah its beautiful and regal..The only problem is the forefront of the dress and maybe have less lace at the back and side of the dress. But I love it..

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