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Is your wedding making you stressed?

By admin on February 1st, 2007 4 comments

Bridezilla_2 Although our wedding isn’t particularly huge, I’ve been surprised by the number of people who’ve assumed that I must be currently living the life of a complete stress bunny because of all the planning. There seems to be this idea that planning a wedding – any wedding – is a horrendous process that involves tears, arguments and endless stressing over what colour of napkins to have, and whether the cake is exactly the same shade as the bridesmaid’s dress.

So, is it? Well, while I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t had my moments (as modestly-sized as our wedding is, it’s still the biggest event I’ve had to plan), it hasn’t been nearly as stressful as some people seem to assume – in fact, I’ve actually been enjoying most of it. So, what about everyone else? Is wedding planning really that stressful, or have you all been enjoying it too?

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  • MJ

    Thank god, this is like the confessional I’ve been needing. Ok, I know I’ve got 9 months left, but really, it’s been a pleasure. I get to shop for shoes and dresses and baubles that I could never normally justify paying for – the world is my oyster and the wedding budget my cheque book.

    The only thing that really stresses me…is that everyone seems to think I should be stressed! Am I seriously deluded and due my comeuppance?

  • Rach

    I am now less than two weeks away from the big day and am still enjoying it! There have been a few moments of stress but not many! But I too keep getting asked if I am stressed and then getting strange looks when I say no! Perhaps give me until next week!

  • Fi

    Wellllll….it’s half and half for me – the dress shopping, designing invitations etc has been fun (in fact the dress shopping has been the most fun EVER!!) but the rest of it has been stressful – mainly ‘cos of differences of opinion with parents over the way things should be done!

  • I’m glad to hear it’s not just me! I do wonder if the stress may start to bite as we get closer to the day, but at the moment I just can’t imagine a scenario in which something like flowers become a cause of stress…

    Fi, the few “moments” I’ve had have all been to do with other people’s expectations/demands, too. Luckily my parents have been fab, but some people do tend to want to take over!

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