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Yay or Nay Wednesday

By admin on February 21st, 2007 6 comments

Yaynay21febLast week I asked you about a red dress and votes tipped towards yay. You can find it ‘Nola’ at Maggie Sottero.

This week I’m going to ask you about an altogether different style of dress. The thing I love about Asian styles is the opulent colours, they are dramatic, fun and so beautifully intricate. You can already see how the colours are seeping into traditional Western bridalwear with reds, pinks and occasional green or blue all in evidence. Would you like to see some more styles such as these? And in general, yay or nay to the red and gold silk and chiffon sari?

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  • Helen

    I love it!

  • Nia

    It’s lovely – but I’d feel off wearing it, but it’s not my culture. I’d feel I was trespassing / cheapening a cultural item just because it’s pretty.

  • Fi

    I agree with Nia – it is really beautiful, but I wouldn’t feel comfortable in it, as I’d feel I was stealing the sari’s significance for the sake of fashion. It’s really stunning though.

  • yasmin

    yay yay yaaay!
    then again i am indian.
    i do like the idea of a big white dress but that would be weird at my wedding!

  • yay

  • Lulu J.

    Beautiful! Although I wouldn’t wear it for the same reasons as Nia, it is gorgeous and gets a big yay, especially with the model’s dark hair. Is red and gold the colour combo of prosperity in Indian culture like it is in Chinese tradition?

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