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What’s in a date – when are you getting married?

By admin on March 8th, 2007 11 comments

Calendar_page_1 According to a study by wedding website, the most popular day to get married this year is the 7th of July.  Not only does it conveniently fall on a Saturday (the most popular day of the week to get married on), it also appeals to the superstitious, with all those lucky number sevens in the date – 07/07/07.

Now, this got me thinking. There’s no particular relevance to our wedding date – the 31st of March. When we found our venue we just asked them which dates they had available "around a year from now", and that was the date they had free. That it happened to also be the day my grandparents got married (or so we thought. It turned out they actually got married on the 30th – doh!) was just a happy coincidence. So, what about you? When are you getting married, and why did you pick that date in particular?

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  • Sarah

    29 March 2008 – FH is a teacher, so that falls nicely into the school holidays, allowing us that all important 2 weeks honeymoon!

  • Our wedding date was also a case of ‘when have you got available?’! But it also happens to be St George’s Day so we now fully support the campaign to have St George’s Day made into a public holiday!

    On a darker note, I imagine many in the UK will not be looking to have their wedding on 7 July given the events of 07/07/05 in London…

  • Katie, that’s a really good point – I wonder if people will avoid it for that reason?

    Sarah, your just a couple of days before us (albeit a year later), and I have to admit that was something we thought of, too, because we have four schoolteacher friends who’re having to travel – at least this way we know they’re off work anyway! If did make the honeymoon more expensive though, unfortunately 🙁

  • Juji

    I’m doing 6th of July for the exact reason Katie stated. Plus fridays are sooo the new saturday!

  • Helen

    My H2B wanted to get married in June, but July is my favourite month (my birthday, our ‘getting together’ anniversary…) so we agreed on 30th June 07 – which means we get married in June but the reception will (hopefully) continue into July!

  • Fi

    We’re getting married on the 19th May this year – we got engaged last October and wanted a summer wedding this year and the 19th was the only date available at the venue we wanted. I wanted it to be early summer, as I ahve a big conference to organise for work in September and I didn’t think I could cope with organising both the wedding and the conference at the same time!!!

  • sian

    I’m a 07/07/07 bride. So far we have been fine with booking things. We chose it years ago and wanted an early Sat in July – the novelty date just made us giggle.

  • Lil_Ol_Me

    I got married July seventh 2004. Why we chose that date is well we could a venue on that day! Whoo hoo I got a popular anniversary! LOL

  • Melissa

    I had originally choose 07-07-07 as our wedding date but as I began to book things I couldn’t find a place to have a reception as they were all already booked. So now we are getting married on 09-08-07. Easy to remember for my H2B I think.

  • Bronagh

    We’re getting married on Friday 28th September this year and again was a case of what date is free. When we booked our venue in August 2005 this was the first Friday or Saturday available this year – apart from the Friday 13th’s and my superstitions wouldnt allow that!! Have quite a few teachers invited (whoops!) – so hope they can make the big day!

  • Jennefer Debaus

    I ordered mine from MagnetStreet Weddings. They have a TON of neat designs. I’m a 07/07/07 bride too, and they even had special laouts for my date!
    Very Cool!!!!

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