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I *heart* My Fiancee buttons

By admin on April 12th, 2007 1 comment

fiancee%20button.JPGAs if flashing your engagement ring isn’t enough to sicken your single, jaded chums, you could get a ‘I [heart] my fiancee’ button to wear on your lapel, bag, sweater, you name it. Yes, it’s a little twee, but it’s so cute and only $2.99!

Cafe Press buttons also have a whole bunch of other pins with slogans like ‘ask me what’s new’ with a pic of a ring, ‘future trophy wife’ and designs for the rest of your wedding party too. Prices from $1.39.

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  • This would be a gift for the boys then?

    Fiancé is the male,

    Fiancée is the female (Girls always want more)

    Aaaah, the things you learn working in a greeting card shop.

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