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Know How: train lengths

By admin on April 10th, 2007 3 comments

Chapel or Cathedral? Puddle or Royal? What do they all have in common? They’re wedding dress train lengths of course. Now most of us might be more au fait with just asking for long or short but with a range of lengths and styles available, knowing what you’re asking for or being offered might just help, so I’ve put together a Know How guide of all those puzzling terms.

Chapel: One of the more popular choices, this length reaches around four feet as measured from the waist.

Duster/Brush/Sweeper: Interchangeable names for the shortest length of train which trails behind the dress for no more than a foot. Usually used on slim fitting, column style dresses.

Puddle: Similar to the duster style as it used with slimmer dresses. Material is longer at the sides and back to give the impression of a puddle of fabric.

Cathedral: A long, formal train that extends up to seven or eight feet and often needs help from your bridesmaids to manoevre.

Royal/Monarch: The longest of all trains, often worn by royals surprisingly enough, as it extends for more than eight feet. Highly unpractical but looks great.

Watteau: Train that extends from the shoulders. This high waisted train is the closest style I could find.

Bustle: Train that is gathered and ruched at the back. Can be worn down for the ceremony then bustled to make it easier to manage for the reception.

Detachable: Self-explanatory! If you want a longer train tha is easy to manage you can attach this one for the ceremony only and remove later, making your dress lighter.

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  • Helen

    Thanks for this – I really did not have a clue about the different terms until now! 🙂

  • Sara

    This was a very helpful entry, thanks! I’m still trying to pick out my dress, I’ve been going back and forth between this site and doing research.

  • michelle

    What can you tell me about bustle clips?

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