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Yay or Nay Wednesday

By admin on April 25th, 2007 9 comments

How about this for an extravagent number? Made from silk taffeta, it’s hand beaded, draped and wrapped into a puffball with handmade rose detailing. The puffy sleeves are detachable ( a good thing, I think you’ll agree) and it’s all a rather uncompromising shade of aubergine. Would you dare to wear it or would you run a mile? Yay or nay and why?

Last week I asked you about a simple white knee length dress and you obviously found it distinctly underwhelming due to the poor turn out of votes. Had you all something better to do? You can find it at Watters.

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  • alexx

    It’s just all too much – too much ruching, too much puff, far too aubergine….
    it feels more cartoon ball than wedding for me.

  • Nia

    Another Nay here. It’s just too much – and I’m not 100% sure how you’d walk in it.

  • Helen

    It reminds me of a walnut whip – nay!

  • francy

    i quite like it. i quite liked it such a lot i tried it on. however, i am 5ft 2 and a size 16 so looked liked something the dog had left on the lawn…..but if you are 5ft 6 and a size 10 it is a lovely dress.

  • Lulu J.

    Oh, now you’ve made me feel guilty for not voting last week, Camilla. (Exams.) As for this week’s dress, everything is acceptable other than those sleeve-poufs. Those sleeve-poufs are reeeaaally unacceptable, so nay from me!

  • meddy

    Nay! the colour’s horrid and it’s way too puffy for my liking.

  • arelya

    Beautiful dress, hideous colour. Nay!

  • Nay. Can we say ‘chocolate lumpy-bumpy pie’?

  • GJ Hallam

    Nay. Hideous dress, beautiful colour! I love aubergine, but all those ruches are just excessive. It looks like dollops of chocolate mousse, and if it were in ivory it’d only look like dollops of vanilla mousse instead.

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