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Wedding Fund money box

By admin on May 1st, 2007 1 comment

weddingfundbox.jpg We all know saving up for a wedding can be tough, but this cute little silver money box will help you make every penny count! After your initial outlay of $20, make sure you empty your pockets, check for stray coins down the back of the sofa and put all of those annoying two and one pence pieces you never seem to spend into the bank. The total might not exactly pay for your wedding, but you never know, it might get you enough for at least one part of it!

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  • Jessica

    My fiance and I used a cool cash gift registry that we found online called GoGift. Most our friends and family knew things were tight, so after our engagement we gave them the option to contribute to our wedding fund through our registry (you can sign up and friends can search for you at This worked out great for us and a fun way for our friends to contribute without trying to hand us cash. I bought my dress and paid for the cake with the funds we received before the wedding and we used the rest for honeymoon expenses (just a camping trip, nothing exotic)

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