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How do you know when you are a true Bridezilla?

By admin on June 19th, 2007 0 comments yet. Be the First

bridezillafunny.JPGThe people at WE tv’s Bridezillas forwarded this over to me today and I thought it was so funny, I had to share. Just how can you tell if you’ve reached Bridezilla status? Read on!

Your wedding cake has a mezzanine level.

You spent more time picking your china pattern than you did picking your husband.

Your wedding planner has a restraining order against you.

You want your guest list to be a lot more like Liza Minelli’s.

You eliminate the flower girls because they’re thinner than you.

You hire Maya Angelou to punch up the vows.

You hire Spielberg to shoot the wedding video.

You need scaffolding to get into your dress.

You can’t believe the reception hall won’t allow Cirque De Soleil to attach harnesses to the ceiling.

The Vatican can’t accommodate your veil.

Your dogs are named Vera Wang, Martha Stewart and Gift Registry.

Your reception tent extends into restricted air space.

You think it’s OK to drain your 401K. What’s gambling with your nest egg when you can have an ice sculpture on EVERY table??

You don’t think spray-painting 100 doves gold is at all “over the top.”

You actually tried to “fire” your mother.

The Fire Marshal has come to your house to plead with you in person.

When noticing the lengthy guest list, you ask your fiancée if he really has to invite both parents.

You ask your cousins if they could choose one person to represent all of them; ideally an attractive stranger.

You think Donald Trump’s last wedding was “smallish.”

Despite the fact the groom has broken engagement you still plan to go ahead with the wedding.

Al Gore calls to say he’s concerned your floral needs will affect the Earth’s fragile eco-balance.

You’re already planning your next wedding.

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