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New BBC1 wedding show: The Big Day

By admin on June 29th, 2007 4 comments

thebigday.jpgI have a huge (and only faintly embarrassing) crush on TV presenter Nick Knowles, so I’d be watching his new BBC show, The Big Day, even if it wasn’t about weddings.

Starting next week (5th July) this new series takes a couple who are desperate to get married but have neither the time or the money and pulls together friends and family to create the perfect day in just one week. The transport, flowers, location for reception, cake and food, even the dress are all a surprise on the day. Should be very entertaining (and only faintly embarrassing).

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  • jacky coole

    Urgent!! Can your programme help? My daughter getting married end sept. this year. Tight budget as I am single parent -they have nothing. So badly want help to give her dream wedding. She deserves it -former southend carnival queen 2 yrs ago and a beautiful girl. ANY chance you can help? Maybe towards filming a new series? Please contact me if you can on my email address. Not much time. (She doesnt know I ve contacted you yet!) Thanks. Jacky Coole

  • Gem

    Please can someone help me. I was watching the Cheshire episode of The Big Day on BBC1 last night and they were taking the mother-in-laws around trying to find a reception venue. They took them to a very old cellar-looking building, which they voted against because they couldn’t play music or have a band there. I would LOVE to know where that venue was as my sister is getting married next year and it would be the perfect place.

  • francine

    Hi can any one help! me and my partner are planning to get married next august2008. I have watched a few episode’s and enjoyed the show. If you start a new show how do you apply! We currently live with my partners brother because they share a mortgage. the situation is stressful sometimes. We have a great relationship we met at a festival he was from sussex and me from manchester we stayed in touch and are planning to get married, he proposed to me new years eve last year on a night out in manchester. the spark is so strong i found my soulmate. I gave everything up to be with him and im so happy. we both want to get married next year i want my dad to be there to witness my hapiness it would brake my heart if he couldn’t make it. please could you help yours gratfully francinexx p.s we have also talked about having a double wedding with my brother to half costs but aas it’s ment to be my day. we would most probably stick to our budget 6000

  • Nicola

    I wonder if you could help. How do you apply to be on the show The Big Day. My partner and I desperately want to get married. After years in disasterous and abusive relationships, I have finally found my knight in shining armour. We are frantically saving, but as we are living on a shoe string and paying off debts, things are tight. I’d marry him in a bin bag if I had too.. We have lots of contacts that can help. We just need a little help. Please can you make our day..
    Nikki x

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