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Wedding planners- Stress Busters or Worst Nightmare?

By admin on June 6th, 2007 2 comments

box.jpg It’s undeniable that for most couples planning a wedding is a stressful time. Exciting as the whole experience is from proposal to honeymoon, the inbetweens have often been known to cause more than a few tiffs. But is handing the reins over to a professional really for you?

Of course the main reason many don’t opt for a third party in planning their shindig is the cost, commission on top of paying for all those little details like table settings and flowers is a big ask. But even if money is no object, I’m not convinced it’s the route to go.

Were I planning my own wedding, I’d want to keep it as personal to myself, my husband and my family as possible, and I can’t help but feel that a professional planner might take away from that aspect. Imagine turning up to your reception having never seen the seating plan or paid close attention to your menu. On a day when you have every right to expect flawlessness (not accounting for Acts of God), the more high maintenance bride might be easily faltered by a minute speck of different taste.

But what’s to be said in favour of opting for a planner? If you’re dreaming of a big white wedding with all the frills, wedding planners know where to go and who to talk to. And if you choose right you may be able to be fully involved with what you see as being the most important decisions, and leave the rest to the pros. I imagine this approach would be great for couples with demanding jobs or perhaps a bride who doesn’t place too much sway on the little things where her wedding’s concerned. After all, it’s about the loving couple, not the knives and forks, isn’t it?

Personally, I think it all comes down to who you’re working with. If you’re choosing to use one of many wedding planners it all boils down to picking someone you think is like minded, and has your best interests as number one priority. If you can’t find him or her, then perhaps scouring sources yourself is the best option for you to walk up the aisle with a huge grin and a weight off your shoulders.

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  • Hello,

    I am a Certified Wedding Consultant in Las Vegas, NV.

    It’s always to hear people talking about wedding planners, however I would like to offer a different opinion if I may.

    1) My company does not participate in any comission, kick-back or referral programs. Any “fees” are passed on to my clients to provide them extra savings. They pay me enough already in a flat fee (not a sliding scale based on their wedding budget).
    2)I offer a variety of services from consulting to full planning so that couples who don’t have a large budget or wish to plan most themselves (like you dear friend) but want some guidance to reliable professionals can have that option within a reasonable $ amount:)
    3) I insist on a collaborative relationship with my couples & ask them the level of involvement they want me to take. I do not pick out their final menu, floral or decor choices or seat their guests, but help them come to the best decision based on their budget, personality and style.

    Whether you choose a wedding consultant that you feel comfortable with to assist you or not, please check their credentials, make sure they can and will do what you ask for a mutually fair fee and sign a contract:)

    Happy Planning,
    Tracey Kumer-Moore, JWIC| Las Vegas, NV

  • I’m not into wedding planning or something rather I’ve been in charged with wedding gifts. Based on experience the usual reason why couples opt to plan and organize their wedding themselves is because they think it’s too expensive. But here is couple of things that I want to say about this:

    1. Hiring a wedding planner is not totally expensive. One way of overcoming the extra expense for a wedding planner is to hire someone who will just work for you in some parts but not all in your wedding. For instance there are wedding planners who will just work at the wedding church or during the wedding ceremony only.

    2. Sometimes it pays if you pay extra or spend more for something. If you’re someone who wants a fairy tale wedding then hiring a wedding planner is for you.

    Hope my insights helped.

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