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Gillian McKeith’s “3 Fat Brides, 1 Thin Dress”

By admin on July 3rd, 2007 0 comments yet. Be the First

As far as TV shows go, Gillian McKeith’s ‘3 Fat Brides, 1 Thin Dress’ is hardly the most charming. It does however pretty much sum up exactly what the show is about. Last week I caught the show after some bored channel hopping and waited for car crash style TV to happen.

The show features, every week, the three brides of the title in a semi health awareness shocker, semi-competition as they compete to win one dream wedding dress for their newly slimmed down self. Instead of bridezilla style tantrums, there were tears as health guru Gillian did what she does best – shock her obese mentees with the state of their diets and show exactly what it was doing to their bodies.

Binge drinking, takeaways, over processed foods and an abundance of sugar, salt and other nasties all contributed towards the foodie evils Saint Gillian warns against as she pokes and prods her fragile subjects. But what exactly did she achieve?

For a start, she changed the brides eating habits for the better. Frankly it was scary the things the brides consumed, but who isn’t partial to a burger now and again? It was every meal that was the problem. Out went greasy kebabs and reformed chicken, in came pulses, beans and smoothies. Off went waist inches and out went the prospect of early deaths.

Before any of you think I’m criticising overweight brides or that the show was making fun of people with health problems, it certainly wasn’t. The women were clinically obese. Their transformations were quite dramatic as they sought not to change themselves into lollipop-headed-size-zero types but to healthy women who could look back on their wedding pics with pride whilst making a real difference instead.

And the scariest thing about the programme? The horrendous frock that Gillian wore (pictured here) to the winning bride’s wedding at the end.

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