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How do you feel about photographs during civil wedding ceremonies?

By admin on July 25th, 2007 1 comment

downingst1.jpgCoverage of civil wedding ceremonies by professional wedding photographers is currently either restricted or not allowed at all in many parts of UK.

There’s actually no law in the UK banning photography during these events, but rather it’s left to the whim of the district or of the presiding registrar.

If it’s something you feel strongly about, you can sign an online petition to convince the government to issue guidelines instructing all registrars offices to allow “reasonable” professional photography throughout the service here.

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  • Antony Valentino

    I think it is absolutely ridiculous. I have been told by Northamptonshire council that no photography can be taken during my civil ceromony planned for Oct 2008. The reason – ‘because they want to protect the dignity of the event’ and having a photographer there will interfear with the service!!! How can taking pictures that will become my only visual reference of my day in the future be wrong? How can you ‘stage’ the first kiss for example – once it”s happened it’s gone forever and to be told that I can’t document this moment in my life is taking away a basic human right. Please sign the petition because if it doesnt effect you it will effect a member of your family or friends.


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