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How many is too many? Bride has 24 bridesmaids

By admin on July 10th, 2007 5 comments

24bridesmaids.jpgBride Michelle O’ Reilly couldn’t bear to leave anyone out of her wedding and so she didn’t: her £30,000 wedding to Kevin Doherty featured 24 bridesmaids.

Her entire collection of nieces, friends’ daughters and her own daughters joined the wedding party, making dress fittings, transport to the church and a bridesmaid pecking order a logistical nightmare, although Michelle’s three daughters had the special task of holding the bride’s train.

One of the hardest things I found when planning my own wedding was choosing who to invite and who to leave out, I dealt with it by only inviting immediate family (we had just ten guests) and having my sister as my maid of honour, but what do you think? How many bridesmaids is too many?

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  • Any chance this pair are Irish? We’re all cursed by ridiculously huge families (and no sense)

  • LOL, Orla! Well, they live in Derbyshire, but since her married name is O’Reilly-Doherty, it’s possible you’re onto something! 🙂

  • maz

    Whatever makes you happy! I couldn’t bear the idea of spending £30k on a wedding but they obviously could. Bless, they look so happy (except the bride, d’you think – or could it be my eyes…) I unwittingly caused great family trauma with my own wedding, mistakenly believing that the bride and groom made all the decisions. (Wrong) I didn’t have any of my own cousins as bridesmaids, just my very best friend (at the time) and two of the groom’s cousins – and there’s still bad feeling to this very day! (Blobbety-blob years and one divorce later . . .)

  • Wow. That is a lot of bridesmaids. For our wedding, I went with two bridesmaids. It was the same number of guests who made it from my side of the family. (two.) (one of which included my maid of honour)

  • Flower

    ha i woz i of those bridesmaids it woz well gud great day weddin woz tirein tho lol yea we got irish decendents so ur rite : )

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