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Is Five’s Ultimate Wedding Makeovers the future of couples who wed?

By admin on July 27th, 2007 0 comments yet. Be the First

surgery-lottery.jpg While browsing the TV listings last night I couldn’t help but be drawn to a show on channel Five entitled Ultimate Wedding Makeovers. Now, once upon a time that might have meant a nice hairdo and make up, a lovely dress as paid for by the channel and a glowing bride walking to meet her groom transformed from the ugly duckling to swan.

But not anymore. This show told us the story of Clair and Wayne who underwent drastic cosmetic surgery just one month before their big day. You’d think a soon to be wed couple would have enough to worry about with caterers and bands, never mind trying to get enough bed-rest to heal after majorly invasive surgery.

But off they went. Wayne, who was considerably older looking than his fiancée opted for a face lift and the rather youthful and pretty Clair chose to have a nose job, breast enlargement and laser eye surgery. It all got a bit ludicrous as it seemed to me Wayne was concerned about not looking youthful enough next to his bride in the photos, and she was just looking for any old thing to have chiseled or misshapen on the credit cards of the documentary makers.

Needless to say they went ahead. Clair ended up with a bloodshot eye for her wedding shots and ludicrously fake looking breasts and Wayne unfortunately looked ten years older for all his efforts. But my big question was Why did they choose now to go under the knife? The couple didn’t view the results of their prospective ops til the wedding day and Clair looked decidedly unimpressed with her newly shaped hubbie (although she never let on). It strikes me as entirely ludicrous and startlingly amoral to want to surgically enhance yourself and your lover for a wedding when you’ve fallen in love with the ‘Before’.

What do you think? Is it right to take self improvement so far for your wedding snaps, or is a new ‘do and some nice slap enough of a wow factor? I know that whether I get married at 25 or 45 I’ll reach that altar with the face, and breasts, I had when I met my beau. With a few natural wrinkles for good measure.

Ultimate Wedding Makeovers continues on Five on Thursdays at 7.15pm

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