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Yay or Nay Wednesday

By admin on July 18th, 2007 6 comments

Somewthing old, something new… would you wear something blue? This something in question is an undeniably (I dare you!) pretty blue in a gorgeous silk bodice with a barely there chiffon rose corsage and a bias cut crepe skirt. It’s perfect for cinching in waists and complements most hair colours and skin tones. Blue though? Would you? I’m certainly tempted, so yay or nay and why?

Let’s not waste any time in what you thought of last week’s Yay or Nay offering. It was a humdinger. In particular, you picked up on those puff sleeves and odd bikini-under-lace style top as particularly wrong. How I agree. If you don’t however, pick it up from Carmela Sutera.

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  • Absolutely! I think it’s a great idea to wear something besides the traditional white or ivory wedding gowns. The idea is to make your wedding truly personal to you.

  • Heidi

    I have 7 weeks left and I’m eating breathing sleeping wedding, lol

    I am wearing a turquoise dress – but I did have a white-wobble a few weeks ago thinking I’d made the wrong choice, until I read about blue dresses being historically more traditional than white…

    ‘In 1840 Queen Victoria married Prince Albert wearing a white wedding gown. In those days white was not a symbol of purity, blue was. In fact, many women chose the colour blue for their wedding dresses for specifically that reason’

  • Heidi

    Hence – ‘something blue’ now; to represent purity, fidelity and eternal love.
    The further back you go, the stronger the colours as only the wealthy could afford the fabric dyes.onger the colours as only the wealthy could afford the fabric dyes.

  • rhaeniel

    That a definite yay.
    It’s a beautiful shade of blue, and the cut is gorgeous.


    This dress is lovely and as a second time bride I do not want white but I would like to know were to purchase something like this if anyone has the website let me know.

  • Eileen – check back next week when I reveal where the dress is from!

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