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Ask Bridalwave: veil or headpiece?

By admin on August 28th, 2007 2 comments

“I am hoping I can “Ask Bridalwave” for a solution to my veil dilemma! I’m wearing this Julien McDonald dress. A well meaning friend, to my eternal horror, has offered to lend me her pillar box hat/veil combo which she thinks will set this dress off – I have grave grave reservations about such a “look”. I was thinking of a very plain fingertip length veil to complement the fitted nature of the dress but as I still have not made a decision as to which way to wear my hair I am not definite about this look either.

I’ve searched the net in the hopes of seeing this dress teamed with a veil but I have not come across any. Can you make a few suggestions as to the type of veil or hairpiece, if any, that would do justice to this dress?” Orla.

Friends are well meaning, aren’t they? They love their own outfits so much, that they expect you to love them too. A polite but firm ‘no thanks’ should suffice here or if you think that would still hurt their feelings the only other option is to lie. ‘My mother found this great veil/ headpiece and I can’t let her down’ or similar should do.

And now the dress which is a great mermaid shape with a halterneck and beading detail. It’s such a pretty shape and design that there are plenty of ways you could accessorise it, from a retro fascinator to hair jewellery or a veil. Personally, I’d opt for either one, or a combination of, the latter two and I’d certainly be drawn to something that reflects the beautiful star-like detailing on the front of the dress.

My first port of call was Swarovski to check out their hair jewellery and I found this pretty silver-shade crystal mesh headband for Euro 98 (above, top). It’s a great way to jazz up a simple hair-do or even just pull back a loose style plus it works well with both short and long hair. I also really liked the triple star hairclip, Euro 89, which could be used to pin back hair on one side of the face, leaving the other side in long, big curls for a hollywood-styled glamourous look.

Finally, on the hair jewellery front I’ve found this interesting piece. Made by Leigh-Anne McCague, this silver coloured hair piece has clear diamante stones and crystal beads and is versatile enough to fit most hair dos as it can be flexed into place. So you could wear it as a headband, around a bun or even fitted against a veil – £37.50 at Dulcie Angel.

For veils, I was surprised to find a lovely elbow length veil with a smattering of diamantes, again tying the style in to the detailing of your dress at Marks and Spencers for just £39.50. You’ll also find this similar style that has a ribbon edge finish for £50 at Debenhams.

I hope these ideas help you decide what to wear for your wedding and remember to dress to please yourself!

If you’ve got a question for the team, email me at the address in the credits on your right and we’ll do our best to answer!

  • Karen

    I have short blonde hair and am finding it very difficult to get some ideas on how to wear my hair and if to put a clip or slide along with my Rivini dress which has diamonte detail around the neck. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated as my wedding is in May 2008.

  • marguerite Aiello

    I am the mother of the bride. My dress can be viewed at Scan Collection Highlights for Style #7024.

    What type of flower/flowers would you suggest for this outfit?

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