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Meet the Bloggers: Orla

By admin on August 23rd, 2007 0 comments yet. Be the First

Orla.JPGOrla is another new writer with her finger firmly on the fashion pulse. She tells us all about her dream dress, being a cellist at weddings and why she owes an apology to two brides!

Name: Orla Doherty

Writes for: Bridalwave (of course), Catwalk Queen, ShinyShiny, Shoewawa and Startrip

Sexy singleton, smug married or significant other? Significant other. He’s a very lovely chap, so I’m smug about that much already!

Most embarrassing wedding moment? I’m sure the most embarrassing moment for me personally was when I used to play the cello at weddings with my family, and my Dad was furious because I messed up the opening piece while trying to get a look at the bride’s dress. Either that or the time I had to sit down while singing a harmony because I couldn’t stop laughing at all. Apologies to the brides and grooms of those two.

Your ultimate wedding dress/ designer? It’s got to be Vera Wang, if I was going all out huge and glamourous, but I imagine I’d get her to make something bespoke with ’60s style. I’m a vintage lover at heart!

Idea of wedding hell? Something unbelievably massive to the point that I’d just be plain stressed out trying to please all my guests. I have a big family, but anything beyond that would just be plain silly. Damn my neurotic tendencies!

Dream celebby husband: This is a weird one, for me. I’ve never been much of a celebrity fancier, because I reckon they’re mostly rather shallow and annoying. Nothing attractive about someone who’s been dressed by someone else and I’m attracted to far more ‘real’ people.

And now enough about weddings, tell us a bit about you!

What’s your favourite movie? Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind … It’s a tearjerker for both sexes I’ve found

Which book did you read last? I’ve just finished Geek Love by Katherine Dunn. Absolutely loved it!

Best ever vacation? Probably Barcelona with my orchestra. As utterly dorkish as that sounds, it was fantastic. A great city.

Childhood ambition? I wanted to be a famous singer, I’m sure. It began with the Spice Girls and progressed to sassy band frontwoman. Needless to say I am neither at this moment in time!

What’s for tea tonight? Salmon Fillets with Mushroom Risotto. I’m salivating already.

If I saw you in the pub, what’s your tipple? Ooh, either a pint of very nice lager or a dark rum and coke, with lime please!

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