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Meet the Bloggers: Sara

By admin on August 21st, 2007 0 comments yet. Be the First

SaraU.JPGOur newest recruit, Sara, writes our weekly ‘Lost in Music’ feature, finding you the best and worst first dance tracks for your wedding. Now we get to find out all about her wedding fears and secret talents…

Name: Sara Underwood

Writes for: Bridalwave

Sexy singleton, smug married or significant other? Have a lovely boyfriend, we met at a friend’s wedding last year, so I’m a big fan of weddings…

Most embarrassing wedding moment? I was ill at my friend’s wedding in Cyprus, with a jippy tummy and the richest food, crying through the speeches because of how rotten I felt, making the man next to me think I was mental. Not that embarrassing, just amusing that men the world over have no idea what to do about a crying woman.

Your ultimate wedding dress/ designer? I’m ashamed to say it’s something I actively seek to know nothing about as yet, what with being single and not wanting to terrify my man, the fact that I work in the industry and talk about weddings every day is enough – and I’ve got to keep something to look forward to as well!

Idea of wedding hell? Two words, Celine Dion.

Dream celebby husband? Ooooh, Adam Yauch (MCA) from Beastie Boys, especially with his geography teacher grey hair.

And now enough about weddings, tell us a bit about you!

What’s your favourite movie? A tie between Labyrinth and In the Mood for Love

Which book did you read last? The Famished Road by Ben Okri – beautiful

Best ever vacation? Travelling round Africa, including Timbuktu was pretty hot in every sense, actually no, I’d call it New Zealand in a combi van with my brother.

Childhood ambition? I wanted to be a squirrel scientist, for at least a week.

What’s for tea tonight? Some left over chicken with some curly kale and courgette, tonight’s meal is brought to you by the letter C.

If I saw you in the pub, what’s your tipple? Mine’s a G&T please.

Other hobbies/interests? I’m obsessed with interiors, have a deep love for Modernist Scandinavian design but happy to mix and match with eclectic colourful luxuries, I bought a studio flat in November and I’m nearly done with the refurb. I can be deeply deeply boring about furniture. (Read more about Sara’s flat renovation here.)

Got any secret talents? Well it’s not very secret but I’m a singer, oh and I appear to be a dab hand at tiling and knitting (not at the same time).

Guilty Pleasures? Squeezy cheese and chives. Sometimes straight from the tube.

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