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Meet the Bloggers: Keris

By admin on August 22nd, 2007 1 comment

Keris.JPGAs well as being co-editor of our fiction blog Trashionista, Keris is a seasoned veteran of wedded bliss and writes our Smug Married column. Here she tells us what she’d wear if she got married again, her top three celebby husbands and who does the cooking at her place.

Name: Keris Stainton

Writes for: Bridalwave, Trashionista, TV Scoop, The Bag Lady & DollyMix

Sexy singleton, smug married or significant other? 11 years smug married

Most embarrassing wedding moment? My entire wedding was embarrassing. I wasn’t comfortable with being the centre of attention and I was so quiet, you can barely hear me on the wedding video (which is so excruciating I haven’t watched it for ten years).

Your ultimate wedding dress/ designer? I think I’d have to wear a vintage dress if I got married again (or we renewed our vows, like we keep threatening to do). Something from the fifties. Of course, the waists on those dresses are about the size of my thigh…

Idea of wedding hell? A very formal wedding. Weddings should be about the personalities of the couple getting married, not about seating charts and “networking”.

Dream celebby husband/civil partner? Ooh. Think it would have to be George Clooney. Or Christopher Eccleston. Or Jon Stewart. Don’t make me choose!

And now enough about weddings, tell us a bit about you!

What’s your favourite movie? When Harry Met Sally.

Which book did you read last? Nineteen Minutes by Jodi Picoult. It was fabulous.

Best ever vacation? Me and the husb spent three months touring the US in 2001. We had a lot of problems (terrible weather, hardly any money), but we had such a great time I cried when we had to come home.

Childhood ambition? Probably to be famous. Or to marry Bobby from Bucks Fizz.

What’s for tea tonight? No idea. Husband does the cooking. I do the eating.

If I saw you in the pub, what’s your tipple? Red wine, but I’m trying to find something that doesn’t make me such a sleepy drunk (my party piece is falling asleep on the bathroom floor).

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  • There’s something about that picture that always makes me think you’re wearing a pair of angel wings!

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