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Newlyweds: Still talking about the wedding to anyone who’ll listen

By admin on August 6th, 2007 0 comments yet. Be the First

foreverambernewlyweds.jpg Amber McNaught writes…

The Husband and I threw a party this weekend. Now, I’ve never really been what you’d call a party animal – like Cinderella, I like to be home by midnight – but this party was the first one we’ve thrown since we embarked on newly-married life, and I couldn’t help but notice that it was slightly different from, say, the parties my best friend and I used to throw in our university days – and not just because no one threw up in the bathroom sink at any point in the evening.

No, the real reason this party was so different from those of my youth was one that only hit me the next day – we had only invited couples. This wasn’t a deliberate move on our part, I hasten to add. We haven’t turned into some freaky kind of Smug Married Cult since we tied the knot, but it does seem to have worked out that almost everyone we socialise with is now either married or part of a couple. This makes me feel very old indeed.

So far, only one couple in our group of friends has a child (or is about to have one, to be more specific), so we have yet to start hosting dinner parties in which we carefully seat everyone boy-girl-boy-girl, before spending the evening talking about which schools are the best and how little Johnnie is getting on with his “French for Foetuses” class, but I do worry that we are slowly but surely turning into a caricature of a married couple. Next step: wearing colour-co-ordinated outfits and finishing each other’s sentences – eek!

We’re not quite at that stage, thankfully, and will be doing everything to avoid it happening by keeping up our separate hobbies (He goes hillwalking, I buy shoes; he tinkers around with his car, I buy shoes; he plays with his PlayStation, I …. you get the picture) and trying our level best not to refer to ourselves as “us” all the time. Which I just did. Oops.

Another resolution which will hopefully stop us falling into the Smug Marrieds trap – stop talking about the damn wedding already. You see, we just can’t seem to help ourselves. The words, “remember how at the wedding…” still keep falling out of my mouth on a semi-regular basis; I still stop to watch random brides going into random churches, and on Friday night, or guests were given the pleasure of seeing our wedding video, whether they wanted to or not. (They did want to, though, honest! I mean, they were the ones who asked!) We should probably stop doing that, too.

Other than that, I think we’re pretty safe. We still serve Monster Munch and get the Wii when people come round, and we’ve only shown the wedding photos to those who specifically ask to see them. (Actually, would you like to see them? Are you sure? It’s no trouble, you know!) I’m keeping a close eye on the situation, though, worry not…

Amber McNaught is the editor of Shoewawa and a regular Shiny contributor. She got married in March this year and is still talking about it to this day…

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