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Wedding ideas for vinyl junkies

By admin on August 8th, 2007 0 comments yet. Be the First

records.jpg I know I go on about music, well, it is what I do when I’m not writing on here, but I was just thinking about some of my friends weddings and realised that music has played a big part, and not just when it gets played by DJ Jeff at the end of the night (birdy dance anyone?)

The most memorable invitation I ever received was actually a seven inch record where the label had been painstakingly covered by hand with the details of the wedding. The couple were both musicians, and rather than being naff, it felt really cool to receive, right down to the fact that the record had an ‘A’ and an ‘E’ side to match their initials. Not only that, but even though you couldn’t tell what it had been originally, I know that the groom spent hours deciding which record to send to whom, based on who they were and whether they had a record player or not.

Whether you consider yourself a serious music-lover or not, everyone should have a music collection of some sort, be it cd, mp3 or wax. Another friend had the best idea for a pal getting married – and living in – Mauritius, where he was slightly out of touch with what was happening in the real world. She burnt copies of her whole cd collection and put them in a travel cd case for him, and wrapped it up with a hammock, for appreciating the tunes in. It was a homemade gift and it was from the heart, she culled the tracks he didn’t need and made sure he had all the songs a person should have (of course I’m not condoning copying, but sharing music is just kind).

Or what about if you live together, have got the toaster and the crystal already, or just aren’t fond of the whole wedding list idea? Why not ask your friends to give you something more personal? How about asking that they give you their favourite song or album that they think you’ll love, in any format, to create a gift that’s not going to break or get lost, but will always remind you of your moment in time? (you can veto any Whitney.)

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