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BridesDecide – getting engaged with politics

By admin on September 14th, 2007 0 comments yet. Be the First

Just how concerned are you with politics? The Knot seems to think not enough as it has launched the US-based site BridesDecide with the idea to marry politics with brides-to-be. With the slogan ‘Get engaged in the 2008 election’, the original concept appears to be to get women more interested in politics and therefore more likely to vote for the next US President. Of course, when you bear in mind that around a reported 12 million women in the US are planning their wedding or are newelyweds, that is a large demographic of potential voters. The candidates, including Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and Rudy Giuliani, have all been give ‘the human touch’ with profiles, photographs and personal wedding stories.

Humanising politicians certainly works (hence all that baby kissing and posing in jeans and sweaters on ‘the day off’) but have brides’ brains so gone to mush that they could be persuaded to vote for a candidate because of their wedding pictures? Would you be persuaded to vote after seeing pictures of Bill and Hillary getting wed? After all, we all know that wasn’t exactly a match made in heaven. A CNN article reported that one user of the BridesDecide site said it was ‘a new low in stupidity and sexism’ whilst another commented, ‘I love the idea of a politics board, but the title, its awful and insulting. We’re a lot more than brides.’

What do you think? A clever way to get 12 million women into politics – if they aren’t already – or just darned silly?

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