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Real Brides: Alexx starts the final countdown.

By admin on September 18th, 2007 0 comments yet. Be the First

alexx.JPGWhen Alexx first wrote a column for us, she was wondering if nine months was long enough to find the perfect dress. Now with mere days left until her wedding, Alexx updates us about last minute wedding stress, guests who ask for ‘plus ones’ at the 11th hour and the trauma of table planning.

But aren’t you EXCITED??”

Five days before my wedding, and if anyone else asks me that question I may well go on a rampage.

I can’t wait to be married to my wonderful fiance and am really looking forward to jetting off on honeymoon with my new married passport in hand. However, with very little time to go, the stresses of organising the wedding on top of the normal stress of my job has made me feel
pretty down at times. I’ve been dealing with it by being efficient and by compromising to keep people happy, but I’m beginning to feel like it’s no longer about us and has turned into a generic ‘wedding by numbers’.

This week has also seen two single guests request ‘plus ones,’ having originally declined these places when they replied, as “they are worried they won’t enjoy themselves on their own”. I’ve accommodated the request but part of me feels like stamping my feet and telling them that they
should have bloody well thought of that two months ago. I’ve also had my fiance’s only family members cancel today, with 5 days to go, which has messed up the table plan even further and left my fiance in a hurt rage.

Add to that my informal round top table being vetoed in no uncertain terms by my father as it’s ‘not appropriate’ for speech giving, leading to the scary and overly formal “bride on display” long table, and I’m not sure I’m really going to enjoy the food that much…I’ve also got a
stinking cold so I don’t feel like a radiant, refreshed bride, let alone look like one, and I’m seriously considering asking the photographer to photoshop me a new head.

This sounds like one big whinge, but I am genuinely delighted to be getting married. However, I’m not a performer and never dreamed of ‘my special day’ as a girl, and I think I’m finding the pressure of organising such a major event and keeping everyone happy has taken the
edge off the giddy excitement. I am sure I am not alone, and I really hope I wake up on Saturday morning feeling more like a ‘typical’ bride and enjoy the day – I wonder how many other brides to be feel like this but are too embarrased to admit it?

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