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‘Just Married’ car decal kit

By admin on October 10th, 2007 2 comments

just-married.jpgIt used to be traditional to decorate the car the bride and groom used to leave their reception with a collection of old boots, horseshoes and, of course, a ‘Just Married’ sign, which would usually be hastily scribbled on the car window with whatever came to hand. In these more sophisticated times, though, you can give the bridal car a much more professional looking paint job with this car decal kit from The Knot. Featuring the words ‘Just Married’ in pink and white script, it’s easy to put on and – perhaps even more importantly – claims to be easy to get off, too! All the same, I think I’d probably want to check with the bride and groom (or the owner of the car!) first before spending the $6.95 this costs.

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  • It was neither big nor clever, let alone legal, but I remember that years ago for a friend’s wedding, we got some replacement number plates made up in Halfords that had “JU5T” for the front and “MARR13D” for the back, and then covertly attached them over his real number plates with some sticky foam tape. I’m led to believe it took them weeks to notice.

  • Rasya

    For me when I have got married, I prefer not to put any stickers on the cars….If I have to do so, I always put on luxurious car “special” for married event such as limousine, etc. Decals is more fit for business cars, racing cars, clubs, etc….


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