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Newlyweds: The couple who work out together, stays together

By admin on October 15th, 2007 0 comments yet. Be the First

foreveramber.jpgAmber McNaught writes…

Terry and I have wildly different attitudes to exercise, by which I mean “he loves it, I hate it”. Over the years, we’ve tried everything to try and find a form of exercise we could both do which we’d enjoy, and which would keep us relatively fit. So far, we have failed.

We bought bikes. We bought roller blades. We bought a Wii console. We bought exercise videos. We bought a dog. (OK, so that one sort of worked, because the dog has to be walked, after all). Finally, this week, we bought a joint membership to our local health club. I can already tell how this will end…

You see, Terry and I have already been gym members – in fact, we’ve been members of this very gym! We joined years ago, back when we were still just dating, and the gym (or rather, the jacuzzi at the gym) was a nice place to meet up and hang out for a while. That’s pretty much all it was, though. Oh, we tried going to classes and we tried using the equipment, but because we were both working away from home at the time, we didn’t have a lot of time to spare at the gym, and so gradually our visits petered out to nothing. Finally, we decided to buy a house together and realised that the money we were giving to the gym every month would be much better spent on a mortgage, so the gym had to go.

And now the gym is back. Things have changed dramatically for us since those old gym-hatin’ days. Most importantly, Terry has had a kidney transplant, and has started taking his health and fitness much more seriously than he ever used to: he climbs mountains and plays sports every weekend, so going to the gym shouldn’t be too much of a stretch for him. Plus, we now both work from home, which means we can organise our time better, go to the gym during the day, when it’s quiet, and, hopefully, actually get some use out of that membership.

That’s the plan, anyway. Will it work? Well, I think it will work for Terry. The gym has a special offer on at the moment, you see, which means that if you go thirteen times in your first month of membership, they give you a free towel. Terry is motivated by that free towel. Me? Not so much. I’m looking forward to hitting the jacuzzi, though…

Amber McNaught is a freelance writer and the editor of Shoewawa. She last visited a gym in January 2003, and hadn’t expected to see the inside of another one for a very long time.

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