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The meanings of roses

By admin on October 18th, 2007 2 comments

flower-expert-red-and-pink-roses.jpgI knew somewhere in the back of my mind that different colour roses have different meanings, but I didn’t realise quite how many different meanings there were until I found this list on The Flower Expert. Yes, red roses mean “I Love You” and “True Love” and also “Congratulations” and “Courage and Respect”, but did you know that the thornless rose represents love at first sight? Or that the dog rose means pleasure and pain? Or, my favourite, the garden rose means “I am from Mars”. Really. (No, sadly there isn’t one that says, “I am from Venus”. Or “Nanoo Nanoo”.) Of course, you should have the flowers you love, but you may want to check this list out too – you don’t want to start married life with a carmine rose’s “deceitful desire”.

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  • I know right? Who knew that there is a multitude of meanings behind roses.

  • elsa


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