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Wedding cakes for geeks in love

By admin on October 15th, 2007 0 comments yet. Be the First

mariocake1.jpgI’m no gamer (I haven’t played any video games since the Tetris mania of the early nineties left me with blisters on both thumbs), but I do love this Super Mario cake. Isn’t it beautiful?

Neuroscience blog, Retrospectacle (who found this cake and many more nerdy confections), claim that geeks “very, very rarely … find significant others and get married (in the real world, not Second Life or World of Warcraft!)” but that can’t be true, since I’ve just read about a Canadian woman who has started an online support group for women whose spouses seem to prefer virtual reality to real home life. But a cake like this may just be the way to get your man away from the Wii long enough to actually get married! [via teamsugar]

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