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Brides on Film #5: Nia Vardolos’ Big Fat Greek Wedding

By admin on November 12th, 2007 1 comment

Who can forget My Big Fat Greek Wedding? It was the tale of Greek American Toula with a very bossy family – some would call it plain intrusive and put their foot firmly down but that doesn’t make good TV, does it? – who want her to marry a nice boy. Instead Nia chooses Ian, played by John Corbett, who is indeed a very nice boy, he’s just not Greek. Still, a film like this deserves a suitably happy ending and that time honoured tradition of a makeover, so they get the fairytale and she gets this enormous frothy frock which, according to Wikipedia, and quite rightly, was called ‘the snow beast’. The biggest fairytale however was behind the scenes. The movie cost just US$5 million to make but grossed US$368 million worldwide.

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  • Joyce

    “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” was a TRUE story, based on the life of Nia Vardolos, who played Toula in the movie.

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