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Frock Horror #91

By admin on November 30th, 2007 2 comments

Flowers do look lovely at a wedding don’t they? In the right places of course, like, on a table. There’s a novel idea! Less appropriate is all over your dress unless there’s a really big stain from when Great Aunt Mabel went a bit mental with the red wine and then tried to dab it off. Still, once you’ve got past that, doesn’t it look like this model is wearing a cage on the lower half? I kinda hope there’s a little door at the back where little kids can go hide when the wedding gets boring but probably not. Shame really.

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  • Emily

    OMG! It’s thumbalina in a lampshade! Why why why would you ever……..

    Nay nay and thrice nay!

  • Sarah

    Perfect for a Chemical Brothers themed wedding.

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