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Make history with The100YearWebsite

By admin on November 7th, 2007 0 comments yet. Be the First

timecapsule.JPGYou may not be used to thinking beyond your next pay cheque but ten, twenty or even a hundred years down the line someone may be absolutely fascinated to see how you wed in the heady days of the early 21st century.

With The100YearWebsite, you can put photos, videos, music and text in an online time capsule that will be kept readable and accessible for the next 100 years. With password protection, only you, your friends and family can see it or virtually bury it until anytime in the future. Isn’t that much better than trying to find the wedding DVD you lost down the back of your sofa when you fancy having a sniffle over your nuptials?

They’ll make sure that the data stays readable, taking into account advances in technology and one day you could just be someone’s history project which, when you think about it, is actually quite cool. A donation is made to Oxfam and Amnesty International for every gift sold, so they might make a nice pressie too. And having someone analysing your wedding 100 years down the line is definitely an incentive to lay off those slightly dodgy puce bridesmaid dresses you were considering. You really don’t want them haunting you forever, do you?

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