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What not to wear when you’re a wedding guest

By admin on November 1st, 2007 0 comments yet. Be the First

Guestwear.JPGIt’s tricky getting your outfit right when you can’t quite decide what smart/casual means and what funnies the weather will present us with. However, there are a few hard and fast rules for what not to wear that wedding guests should follow.

Rule one: The colour white
You’d think this was an obvious one but apparently not. The only one who should be wearing white at a wedding is the bride. Even if she’s chosen a different colour for her gown, still don’t wear white/cream/ivory unless you want to confuse guests or appear a little silly. Conversely, don’t wear black unless it’s black tie or you’re an evening reception guest – it’s not a funeral.

Rule two: ‘Showstopper’ outfits
The couple are the star of the day, not the guests and your efforts to wear a revealing gown that overshadows the couple won’t be received well as singer Rihanna found last weekend when she was asked to leave a reception due to her dress showing too much up top. Similarly, slashed to the thigh styles that flash your thong ala Liz Hurley at Lili Maltese and Henry Dent-Brocklehurst’s wedding was viewed by most as extremely bad taste. So, anything that reveals too much flesh could not only cause offence but make you the gossip of the night. And not in a nice way. Some people just can’t help themselves, don’t be one of them.

Rule three: The hat
Weddings make women want to go all Cilla (you won’t know who she is unless you’re British) and buy a hat. Do check the size of it though. No one wants to sit behind a flying saucer at the ceremony. Don’t forget it’s not Ascot where any headwear goes. Think chic and stylish instead.

Rule four: That dress in the back of your closet
Yes, it may have been lovely four years or more ago but does it fit you? Does it suit you? Did it ever suit you? Don’t be tempted to rely on ‘what? this old thing?’. Try it on in plenty of time and you’ll be saved from wearing an ill fitting, badly styled dress just because you thought it would be ok. And the same goes for the men: try on that suit asap!

Rule five: A wild new style
Yes, your ex is going to be there and you want to look amazing so he knows just what he’s missing but don’t be mistaken into jumping for that so-not-you outfit. Stick to what you know works for you and you’ll feel comfortable, look stylish and firmly have the upper hand. And he’ll know it. If he doesn’t, he was a loser anyway, right?

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