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Bridalwave’s Top 10 wedding blogs of 2007

By admin on December 14th, 2007 22 comments

100blogslink.jpgWe love a good read of the other wedding blogs on the Web so we’ve rounded up a few of our favourites to give them a great big shout out for being simply marvellous!

1. What Junebug Loves
Seattle-based wedding planners Junebug are behind this stylish site with lots of ideas that will inspire and lots of photographs from real weddings. Look out for tasters from their Fashion Reports too.

2.Martha Stewart’s wedding blog
Darcy Miller of Martha Stewart Weddings magazine pens this Brides Guide which is a newcomer to the blogging scene. Expect lots of insider tips from the magazine, with gorgeous tips for dresses, shoes and all the other little details.

3. The Misadventures of a DIY Bride
Charming DIY bride Phoebe takes us through her wedding planning, via Brides magazine, in the lead up to her 5 April 2008 nuptials. Read about everything from finding her antique pearl engagement ring, meeting her dressmaker, the food and hen nightmares.

4. Weddingbee
Originally a personal blog created by Bee Kim, the site now has a plethora of brides across the US and Canada in various stages of wedding plan. It’s a great read for tips across the pond and for a good ol’ nosey inspiration into what other brides are planning.

5. From “I Will” to “I Do”
Wedding journalist Anne Chertoff tips off US readers to sample sales and dispenses advice on ring buying and more alongside anecdotes from her own life and that of her friends in this blog.

6. Pink Cake Box
Ok, it’s not strictly a wedding blog but there are enough delicious and enterprising cakes to make me include this yummy blog. You’ll also find pictures of the fantastic creations that include grooms cakes, cookies, birthday cakes and more cupcakes than you can shake a stick at.

7. Eco Chic Weddings
We like to champion the greener side of life and so does Emily Anderson, the brains behind this eco fabulous site where recycling is hot and green is gorgeous.

8. Something Old, Something New
Cool, modern ideas suited to contemporary brides with stylish, funky finds. The writer Mackenzie Sala is also an accomplished stationery designer with her own range that is well worth taking a look at.

9. Manolo for the Brides
Primarily written by ‘Never teh Bride’ (sic), this blog picks up on plenty of wierd and quirky things in the wedding world. The caption competition is a regular fun feature with a wacky picture that you can apply your wit to.

10. Wedaholic
Bursting with etiquette know-how, Elle Brown solves your wedding dilemmas whether you want to know how to plan a great dessert buffet or are planning your first dance. Hasn’t been updated in a while, so, where’dya go, Elle?

Do you read a wedding blog we should know about? Leave us a comment so we can induct them in to our blogroll.

  • Thanks for the award! It’s great to be recognized for our hard work.

  • Thank you so very much. I appreciate the kind words and the recognition!

  • Thanks for the mention! We over at MftB love getting our daily dose of Bridalwave.

  • I lvoe all the blogs you mentioned- but I’d also inclue Style Me Pretty and Blue Orchid Designs!

  • Hi Bridal Wave! Thanks so much for your including us on your list, what an honor! We’re big fans of yours over here at Junebug!

  • I’ve got to agree on putting Junebug #1. It is a wonderful site.

    My Best,

    Jeff Collins

    Professional Haberdasher

  • Michelle

    Junebug Weddings is amazing! Great pick!

  • sally

    nice list. i love love love what junebug loves. and manolo for the bride cracks me up. hadn’t heard of some of the others, so thanks!

  • I created a blog a couple of months ago that is dedicated to the trendy modern bride. It is called What-A-Wedding! and the inspiration behind it comes from my cousin’s wedding.

    Check it out!

  • Hi there,

    Many thanks for the mention at No 10!

    I’m back and raring to go.,,,

    Just posted over 26,000 words on how to organise the perfect wedding including children, so hopefully that will help some brides.

    Elle x

  • WGM

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  • I would encourage anyone planning a wedding to check out Martha Stewart’s site. It has tons of tips.

  • I know Junebug weddings are very different and everyone celebrates it in a different way…

  • I like your blog very much :]

  • What about blogs of 2009.It is very difficult choose right ?Because there are thousands of nice blogs in internet about wedding:-)

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