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Gadget E-Nups at PIXmania – non-enforceable prenups for the techno generation

By admin on December 6th, 2007 2 comments

Pixmania.JPGHow much is your new phone worth to you? Do you reckon you’ll be arguing over that widescreen TV if you split? Gadget retailer has been researching and suggests there is a new record number of divorces and splits over gadgets – enough to warrant a special pre-nup to protect your gadgetry. With couples owning more than £1043 of electricals and one in ten spending more than £1500 every year on gadgets, they’re aiming to offer couples emotional and financial protection.

“Together with the house and car, gadgets are the new battleground,” says Vanessa Lloyd Platt, leading matrimonial divorce lawyer from Lloyd Platt & Co. Solicitors. “English courts do not like deciding how people should divide their gadgets, but where they do, evidence of who bought the item or a document outlining who will get what, will be very strong evidence. I believe written agreements like the E-Nup will stop the increase in gadget wars once and for all.”

“It is a sad part of modern day life that separations usually entail a couple fighting over shared belongings. Expensive technology should be insured like any other valuable possession like your house, car, holidays or jewellery,” comments Ulric Jérome, MD of “The obvious place to launch the E-Nup was in the UK, as the British spend the most on gadgets, and online gadget spending this Christmas is set to break all previous records.”

Hang on! Would you really be arguing over who gets the MP3 players, widescreen TVs and the latest games console? Actaully, once relationships have degenerated that far, the answer is probably yes and whether you want the item or not for some. One thing that does concern me is that consumer technology is a fast paced world. You may want to put your iPhone in your e-nup but by next year, the latest gadget will have taken its place. So, unless you’re going to split pretty quick, it’s not going to affect you much if you just want the latest and greatest. UK readers should also note that a prenup has very little weighting in a British court and they may not even take it into consideration when dividing assets. So, if you want to protect your goods for the future, keep your receipts showing who paid for it.

Indeed Lloyd Platt & Company and Pixmania emphasise that they can not be held responsible for the gadget pre-nup, that it isn’t legally binding and may not be taken into account in a court and is meant to be humorous. Perhaps a quirky gift for a gadget obsessed couple then? You can download the pdf here.

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