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Lost In Music: The First Dance # 28

By admin on December 12th, 2007 0 comments yet. Be the First

rundgren.jpgYou may remember Mated from the ’80s version by David Grant and Jakki Graham, but it was written by rock god Todd Rundgren and it’s a romantic song with a twist. The verses suggest it’s a good pick if you’re marrying someone your family doesn’t approve of. Perhaps someone of a different religion. Or Darren Day. “Everyone asks are we some kind of lovers? Everyone asks what you’re doing with me; I know this is not what they want, theyre afraid you’ve been blinded; But I already know how its going to be.”

The chorus, though, is perfect wedding fodder: “If anyone should ask, say were mated; For as long as this life lasts, we are mated; Why else would I be here right now; And you know I’ll still be here tomorrow.” Indeed. You can find the Rundgren version on a number of his albums with Hello It’s Me probably the easiest to find.

Or, if you don’t mind risking spontaneous vomiting in your guests, you could sing the Grant & Graham version to each other. (You’ll find it on The Very Best of David Grant.)

Originality: 10

Tears-from-your-Mum Factor: 8

Inappropriate song of the week: Love At First Feel by AC/DC

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