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Cream boots at Topshop

By admin on January 22nd, 2008 1 comment

Topshop%20boots.JPGOur fashion colleague Isabelle says, “Unless you have your own sedan chair and are carried around like ancient royalty you probably don’t have a good reason to buy these shoes.” She’s right, of course, but fortunately with wedding footwear, no one really expects you to ever wear it again anyway. They’d look great for Winter through Spring weddings and make sure you raise your hem to flash the grey bow – they’re £75 at Topshop [via Shoewawa].

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  • These shoes would look awesome as a comfortable day shoe with a nice, chunky heel if the designer was so inclined. Clearly they were designed by a misogynist. Why ARE there so many men in the heel business? Stuart, Manolo, Jimmy…

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