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By admin on January 2nd, 2008 27 comments

bridalwave.JPGI love hearing from you (especially when you say nice things) and I know you often have questions. So, if you’ve spotted something in the Bridalwave archives and need some more information or have a burning question you want either me or the team to answer, then please feel free to leave your comment here and we’ll do our best to help.

To help us though, please tell us which country you are in (so we can look for information in the UK if that’s where you are) and your budget if it concerns a product (eg pink bridesmaid shoes for under £50). If you’re looking for a particular dress, we can only answer queries if you have a picture you can email with as much information as possible. I’m sure you’ll understand I can’t identify every white dress out there from just a picture though!

Regretfully, we can’t answer every query but we’ll do our best.

If you want us to look at your product or website with a view to featuring it, don’t hesitate to leave your details here too and we’ll get in touch with you asap.

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  • Wedding Podcast Network LOVES Bridalwave and mentioned Camilla and her fabulous posts in our latest Bridal Scene program. Bridalwave has a pulse on what’s hot in the world of weddings. It’s a must read for brides everywhere.

    Wedding Podcast Network is the best place to listen to wedding planning advice when and where you want. We feature the largest collection of wedding talk radio programming on the Internet.

    Happy New Year.

    Holli Ehrlich
    Co-founder, Producer
    Wedding Podcast Network

  • I’ve been reading Bridalwave for ages, and I’ve gotten countless ideas and links to resources from it. It has been such a help with my still very half-baked wedding in July 2008. Though I mostly poach from wedding blogs to fill my files with things to look into and include I rarely have things to contribute. Until now…

    My Mum and I have recently started up our little webstore and I think we would appeal to other Bridalwave readers out there. We make lovely handknit purses (well we think they’re pretty lovely anyway). They are all made with a strict attention to detail because we demand only the highest quality from ourselves. I think they would make grand gifts for the bridesmaids, and every bride needs a great clutch to hold a hanky, phone and lipstick. I think they are especially great for weddings because we love to do custom work that appeals to a bride’s color scheme and sense of style.
    I wasn’t sure whether to submit to Bridalwave or The Bag Lady, so here go’s nothing. We ship internationally because we want everyone around the world to be able to enjoy our bags!

  • Cate


    I’m from the US, and my best friend is getting married next October. Our bridesmaids dresses are chocolate brown (satin) and she wants us to wear bronze colored shoes, but I’m having a lot of trouble finding them. I found a lot of bronze shoes, but none that are cute, classy, and wouldn’t kill my feet. I like heels a lot, so I’m looking for a nice and elegant bronze sandal. Thanks for your help!

  • Helen

    This isn’t a question but more a request that you look at more non-traditional wedding dresses. I am having a registry office wedding in 5 weeks time (yes very very last minute) and I have never wanted to wear white or the traditional wedding dress look (as much as I adore looking at your dresses), I am sure I can’t be the only one out there like this and an article on other dresses (elegant but sexy) that could be used would be great.

    Keep up the great website.

  • Sarah

    Please help! I’m getting married next year and we’ve decided we want the groom and groomsmen in pinstripe suits but it seems easier said than done! We’ve hunted high and low and drawn a blank everytime because we want black suits with quite bold stripes but the one’s we’ve looked at are quite plain and the stripe isn’t very visible. Hiring or buying are both options but we are on a reasonable budget so can’t afford to go too crazy! Is there anything you can suggest? I’ve just about given up hope…..

  • I love your blog – its a never ending source of inspiration to me. I find websites I’d never have found via a search engine. My own tiny (one woman) business would probably fall into that category and I wonder whether you’d like to take a look? You can find my designer hand crafted jewellery at Thanks Team.

  • Hello my name is valerie rowe hartley company is /
    we organise themed weddings, are you interested in doing a write up or feature on the growing trends of themed wedddngs we have been established 9 years abnd are the leaders in medieval themd wedings in the uk and supply eveything a would be princess could ask for and her knight in shining armour to be.
    we have wonderful images and more and more couples are having themed weddings now we do all themes medieval a speciality.

    thank you for your time and please view my site
    valerie rowe hartley (aka ) Princess valaria.of the kingdom of fantaysia

    ps hope you like my site and would include in your liked sites.

  • I loved this article, and I’ve been looking for angel wings for my 4 little flower girls for a while now. I’m in Australia, and I’ve found really cheap ones, but I’m after something decent, but not too expensive, maybe around $15AUD ea? Thank you so much, if you could help! I love your daily email!!

  • Jo Price


    I love the site and check it pretty much every day (tragic – I know!), it’s like a little bit of Christmas every day!

    Anyway, gush over, I had one suggestion and one request. The suggestion is that you provide details of the price and lead times of any wedding dress which you put on the site, so that brides-to-be can have a reality check before they fall in love with a dress.

    The request is that you provide some details of dresses which can be purchased at short notice – i.e. 3 months. I’m planning on getting married through Whirlwind Weddings in December this year, but everything is going to be last minute. I never really see anything I like in Debenhams, Monsoon, Marks & Spencer et al, so other sources of gowns would be gratefully received!



  • Cheryl

    This is such a great blog! I have been in search for mid-height cracked metallic leather sandals to wear with an ivory wedding dress. I found the perfect pair by kate spade posted on a blog last year but cannot seem to find them or anything like it now!
    Any suggestions? I’m in the US and would like to spend $200USD or less. Thanks for your help!

  • Moji


    Great job you girls are doing keep it up. I am planning my wedding and I was thinking rather than buying a dress I would like to spend what I would have used to buy a dress to hire a fabulous designer dress instead. Can you help me.
    Google seems useless. I live in london.

    Thanks a lot.

  • Candice

    I’m getting married in September and I love augusta Jones’s “Kenzie” dress. My only concern with it is that I really want a cap-sleeved lace shrug to go with it, but the shop I’m buying from don’t seem to have anything appropriate and can’t make to order. DO you know where I might be able to buy something like this or have it made? (I’m London based). I want something really plain as the dress is so simple, but maybe with some pearl detail to match the dress.

    Thanks for your help, and love the site!


  • Linda

    I’m getting married in May and I have browsed a long time for wedding dresses. I stumbled upon your site ‘Cheap vs Chic’ and thought to ask for help! There is this Vera Wang dress which I have fallen for:
    Unfortunately it costs nearly £3000. Would you know where I can buy a cheaper version of this please? Some similar style…
    Would consider buying from anywhere in the world if not available in the UK.

  • Hello! I have recently started a Wedding blog for Irish brides. Many Irish wedding sites are tinged with naffness and are mostly for traditional weddings. As an alternative Bride myself, I wanted to start a blog which showcases the best of alternative wedding ideas in a similar style as the Offbeat Bride does. It is difficult to say the least, to find home-grown alternatives for weddings with a difference, and it is even more difficult to import from abroad. With this in mind I hoped you might point me in the direction of suppliers you have come across that would cater to the Irish market. Any advice will be appreciated. On a separate note, would you mind If I featured the civil partnership rings featured in todays blog? (06.03.08)…. Many Thanks, Siobhan at

  • Stephanie

    I have been looking everywhere to purchase the Pura Lopez Ali’s Bridal Pump — can you tell me where to buy it?? I’d love it for my upcoming wedding!!

    I live in the US.

  • Dear BridalWave,

    I was reading one of your recent blogs on engagement cakes, and it occurred to me that these brides work so hard to prepare for their weddings – wouldn’t it be great to give them a little pick-me-up as the wedding season approaches? So I am proposing a Wedding Days Giveaway, through which Dasha Boutique will give away 5 baskets of jewelry, valued at $100 each.

    A little about us – is an online jewelry boutique featuring gemstone and metallic jewelry designs that are handcrafted by San Francisco Bay Area artisans. All of our designs are customizable, as we believe that jewelry should be as personal as one’s own fashion tastes. Our designs have been featured in Lucky, Glamour, Brides, InStyle, People, Bridal Guide and more. We specialize in bridal jewelry and offer discounts for multiple orders of the same (or similar) items in recognition of the bride’s traditional gift of jewelry to her bridesmaids. Please check out our wedding page to find out more about our accommodations for brides-to-be.

    To enter this giveaway, all your readers have to do is visit our website after March 25 and sign up with their wedding date. After two weeks, we will use a lottery system to pick a date out of the responses. The five women with weddings closest to (or on) the date we pick will win the gift certificates.

    If you are interested in blogging about this event to your readers, please email me back and I will provide you with the exact URL as well as images of some of the gift basket items.

    Anne Bernard

  • MarySue

    Good Afternoon,

    My client, Favor Favor ( ) one the US’s leading providers of Wedding favors, is interested in purchasing advertising on Wedding related pages such as yours at

    I really thought your listing of unique Wedding ideas was quite extensive and helpful to Brides and grooms. Your site also really stood out as a quality site we would love to partner with. I was wondering if you’d be open to discussing selling a link advertisement on this page?

    The advertisement will be professional and require only descriptive text and a link to the Favor Favor site.

    Please contact me at your earliest convenience if you are open to discussing this.


    MarySue Eckstrom, Online Marketing Strategist

  • Hello. I was hoping to contact you through e-mail but alas cannot seem to fnd any e-mail address on Bridalwave.

    I am running the text ad for the “Wedgie Wedding Song on your site through AdBrite. I have requested edits to the ad but so far the changes have not gone into effect and am hoping that you could kindly see to this soon. I would very much appreciate it.

    I do plan on having the ad run recurringly with you for a while, to our mutual benefit.

    Thank you! Jannie Sue

  • claire
  • Kelly

    The Vera Wang dress on the left with – where can I find that on the net – I would like a big pic

  • Hi, I hope this is the right way to get in touch, as I couldn’t find a direct email address. My name is Aidan O’Carroll, from the company Well For Instance Ltd. ( are a bespoke greeting card and stationery design company, with a large range of designs for both Wedding Civil Partnership invitations (and the whole range of stationery – Save The Date cards, Table Plans, Menus etc.) Our designs are totally unique and customed made,as they are based on caricatures of the couple in any of a selection of templated scenarios. They are fun and playful, while still being quite sophisticated with the use of top quality materials, designs etc, and I think many visitors to your site may be interested in what we offer. We would be very interested in being featured in some way your website, and I was wondering how to go about this. Could you please email me with any information you can give me.

  • Lisa Woollett

    Hi there, I’m looking for soem sparkly bridal shoes and heard of a new designer called ‘Victoria Allinson’. Has anyone else heard of them or know where I can buy some shoes?


  • claire pasquill


    I think your site is wonderful and as been the best source of inspiration for my gown. I live in London and am having a dress made which is very similar to a Monique l’hullier gown that you featured a few months ago. Can I send you a piccie so you could you advise what kind of silk it is, as I love the way it flows?

  • Dear Bridal wave,

    I love your website and like the fact that you feature brides wanting dresses from ebay through to designer gowns, there’s something for everyone.

    I wondered whether you would be interested in featuring my website I am a designer jeweller, all the pieces featured on the site are handmade by myself in sterling silver. I aim to create pieces which are different from the typical tiara’s, jewellery that will suit brides looking for something a little different.

    More importantly i also offer free advice in the form of articles on the site and a bi-monthly newsletter to brides about choosing jewellery and how to wear it etc

    With Kind Regards,

    Angela Kerr

  • I wondered if you might like to share information about my couture silk wedding veils on your website.
    All of my bespoke veils are professionally designed and hand made to order in Silk Tulle, Silk Organza or Silk Chiffon paying meticulous attention to detail using only the best quality fabrics and decoration. It can be hand beaded with Swarovski pearls or crystals, scattered with Swarovski diamonte, edged with satin bias ribbon, stunning embroidery or lace. Each bespoke silk veil is carefully designed and hand made in consultation with the Bride throughout creating a unique family heirloom. I would be delighted to send free fabric samples and am always happy to give free advice. My veils can be shipped worldwide.
    I really enjoyed your website and found it very informative.

    Ann Guise
    Crowning Glory Silk Veils

  • Hi there,

    I came accross your great site and was wondering if you would be interested in my site and my business. Basically, I am a very new business (since the begiinning of the year) but have already had a tremendous amount of interest. Would you mind taking a moment to look at my site to see if you could squeeze me in somewhere and help me do a bit of PR.

    Anyway, I would love to hear from you. Kind regards,

    Zoe Clark

  • Hey Bridalwave- i am with the Wishpot team and I want to talk to you about becoming a bridalwave wedding expert. Our current list of wedding experts consists of some great bloggers who I am sure you are familiar with- wedding bee, eco-chic,junebug weddings to name a few. Well we love your blog and we’d like you to join our team. Feel free to email me for more details.

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